In the character bios, you may have noticed the section on A-Tempo and B-Tempo Moves being filled with commands such as z and x attached to move names. These commands are used for a reason.

The Japanese magical girl sidescroller game Grief Syndrome is a fighting game I particularly like. If Synthidol Adoration was a video game, I think I would want its fighting segments to mirror Grief Syndrome. Thus, the controls I have in the character sheets are similar to Grief Syndrome's default mapping:

z quick attack
x strong attack
x ↑ strong attack upwards/up-diagonal
x ↓ strong attack downwards/down-diagonal
x ↔ strong attack spinning/forward-facing
c jump
a first solo (or third, depending on tempo)
s second solo (or fourth)
shift switch tempos

Of course, it's not a perfect fit. As a game, Grief Syndrome is about defeating mobs of enemies or large bosses rather than single combat or non-combat tasks. That said, the simplicity and variety of moves are elegant. There is also support for combos of moves (moves performed in rapid succession that yield advantages such as enemy stun), which I quite enjoy - if you look at the page linked above, you can see that some of the characters in Grief Syndrome have existing combos that allow for effects like wallslamming.

I'm not thinking that Synthidol Adoration will actually have a video game or even a hack, but it is fun to imagine.

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